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You’re probably bony and skinny, and you’d rather be muscular and confident. The best way to gain weight muscle and put on weight through exercise is to do a traditional weight lifting program. However, with pectus carinatum(pigeon chest,) your body may be assymetrical and you know this because you have an uneven chest. If you have asymetical pectus carinatum or scoliosis, lifting heavy barbells will worsen the imbalances in your body and could eventually cause injury in your body. The best option is to use your body weight to gain muscle. I show the four core exercises needed to gain weight: pushups, pullups, situps, and overhead squat. All of these are necessary to give you a balanced physique and gain muscle. Pullups(and other back exercises) help pull back the shoulders, balance the bulk on the chest area, and improve posture. Pushups add to chest muscle and cover the bones of your sternum and ribs. Ab workouts(especially upper abs) cover the sternum and give you a more ripped look that will leave people focusing more on how ripped you are than how your chest looks different. Don’t neglect squats either because they release a lot of testosterone(because they target your biggest muscles) which will make all your muscles grow BIGGER FASTER. The type of squat i do in the video is an overhead squat(hold your arms locked overhead holding somethng) which ensures that you do squats with great form. Form is more important than ever if you have pectus carinatum because it affects your already struggling posture.
I also talk about eating more calories than you burn which always leads to gain weight. Choose calorie dense foods that you like. Many people with pigeon chest(pectus carinatum) are ectomorphic hard gainers and STRUGGLE to put on weight. That’s me included. In addition to eating surpluss calories on a consistent basis, take creatine and mass gainer as supplements to gain weight.