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Hello, I’m Will.

Like many of you, I was born with pectus carinatum, but it didn’t bother me until I went through a growth spurt in my teen years. Seemingly overnight, my chest and ribs were all of a sudden sticking out. I got a compression brace to wear around my chest to treat it, but I still became very insecure about my chest’s appearance. I continued to worry about my appearance, and eventually I became full blown obsessed! Although the brace helped to reduce my pectus carinatum, I still never felt anywhere close to normal and okay again until one day I decided to go to a martial arts class. I fell in love with the intense physical challenge, and my confidence in my body began to be restored. I began to get pretty good at the sport, and as I saw the amazing things I could get my body could do through hard work and practice. I also embarked in a journey of bodybuilding, drank a lot of milk, and finally transformed my lifelong skinny body into something, well, bigger. However after overcoming my insecurities, I still had to deal with new pains in my torso which were never there before I had pectus carinatum. I had pain in my back seemingly all the time, and my right arm was always unpleasantly numb. I struggled to accept the fact that I may be stuck feeling this way my whole life. Through ample experimentation I was able to find methods like stretching which alleviated some of the pain and helped keep me living and productive. Today I implement a bunch of tactics, like stretching, to live my life the best I can despite this condition. Though I’ve learned many valuable exercises and lessons, I remain open-minded and continually learning. I also seek to help others with the condition to live their best lives by offering my 2 cents of information. I was interested in blogging and video making, so I thought I’d combine the ventures and strive to unmuddy the waters about this rare and under-researched condition. I hope to act as a valuable resource for those afflicted and for parents. I’m doing this because I know all too well how hard as well as confusing and sometimes lonely it can be. To be sure there are many of us dealing with this, so I’m just here to burn one torch and shed some more light on the subject.